Currently Most Viewed and Most Popular Top 6 Diaper Girls

Adult Baby Girl Anais
Diaper Girl 'Anais' gives us outrageously hot action, sole, lesbian and sex in diapers. Diapergirl Anais has a vast amount of pictures and videos for your enjoyment.
Adult Baby Girl Georgia
Diaper Girl 'Georgia' looks so cute in her adult baby dress and diaper. Georgia is keen to show how sexy she is. Watch her interview to on her diaper fetish.
Adult Baby Girl Joele
Diaper Girl 'Joele' in her diaper with her dipergirl friend are enjoying time together and just being big adult babies and very cute ones at that.
Adult Baby Girl Phoenix
Diaper Girl 'Phoenix' I am sure you will agree when we say, one of our hottest, sexiest and cutest blonde adult baby girl and diaper lover is Phoenix.
Adult Baby Girl Scarlet
Diaper Girl 'Scarlet' a blonde beauty from New Zealand is showing us how seductive she looks when she is feeling like a big adult baby girl and wearing her adult diaper.
Adult Baby Girl Bella
Diaper Girl 'Bella' is a perfect example of the saying "a picture is worth 1000 words", as the pictures here say far more then any description we can put together.

  Adult Baby / Paraphilic infantilism - Did You KNow?

Relief from stress - Relief from stress is often given by AB/DLs as an explanation for their desires. Acting on these desires can be quite relaxing in the short term. However, given how difficult and troubling these desires can be, relief from stress might be as much a justification as an explanation. For example, the AB/DL might be in the superficially carefree position of having a 'mommy' or 'daddy' looking after their every need, such as diaper changes, feeding, and bathing. However, the AB/DL will need to overcome the difficulty of establishing the relationship, and be careful to keep the relationship from being short-lived due to imbalance.

  Currently Most Viewed and Most Popular Top 6 Asian Adult Baby Girls

Adult Baby Girl Apple
Adult Baby 'Apple' wearing her diaper and getting ready to do a diaper change on her self. She removes her wet diaper and puts on a fresh adult diaper.
Adult Baby Girl Dia
Adult Baby 'Dia' is one of our hottest, sexiest and cutest Japanese adultbabygirl. You will enjoy all of her pics and videos.
Adult Baby Girl Meaw
Adult Baby 'Meaw' a Vietnamese woman with all the traditional clothing with added extra. Adult Diaper.
Adult Baby Girl Nong
Adult Baby 'Nong' is yet another young and sexy asian school girl with a captivating smile, nice firm breasts and loves wearing her diaper.
Adult Baby Girl Tik
Adult Baby 'Tik' in a blood boiling huge series, all hot and horny from this sizzling young asian babe in dipaers.
Adult Baby Girl Aei
Adult Baby 'Aei' a young, sexy Japanese School Girl in and out of her school uniform but always in her diaper.

  Which am I? AB or DL

AB, DL or ABDL. That's an important question, that only you can answer, however, it really doesn't matter. Most people will associate with at least a little of both of the classifications. Being either one way or the other completely isn't unusual but most people who play as an AB enjoy wearing and using their diapers and some DLs, sneak a quick suck on a dummy from time to time. Simply being happy with who you are is the best advice anyone can give.

  July - What's New

    Adult Baby In Diaper
Video of Ling Adult Baby In Diaper is now available to view online or download.
    Asian Adult Baby Sitter
Video of Ling and Lisa Asian Adult Baby Sitter is now available to view online or download.
    Diaper Girl
Video of Phoenix Diaper Girl is now available to view online or download.
    Adult Baby Diaper Lover
Video of Samantha Adult Baby Diaper Lover is now available to view online or download.
    Asian Teen In Diaper
Video of Whan Asian Teen In Diaper is now available to view online or download.
    Japanese School Girls In Diapers Part 2
Video of Dia Japanese School Girls In Diapers Part 2 is now available to view online or download.

  Adult diaper - Did You KNow?

Adult diaper - An adult diaper is a diaper made to be worn by a person with a body larger than that of an infant or toddler. Diapers become necessary for adults who suffer from various conditions, such as incontinence, mobility impairment, or dementia. Adult diapers are made in various forms, including those resembling traditional child diapers, underpants, and pads resembling sanitary napkins (known as incontinence pads).

In the medical community, professionals are trained to use alternative terms such as "briefs" rather than "diapers" for the sake of dignity, as the term "diapers" is associated with children and therefore may have a negative connotation. In practice, though, most health care workers are accustomed to calling them diapers, especially those that resemble childrens' diapers.

  New AB/DL dvd'd available this month - July

Adult Baby Video #17

Adult Baby Video #19

Adult Baby Video #21

Adult Baby Video #13

  Adult Baby / Paraphilic infantilism - Did You KNow?

Integrating other interests - The individual AB/DL may have other interests that have become integrated with AB/DL. Sissys are one example. In turn, a babyfur has integrated infantilism and furry fandom. Sissys and babyfurs are among many groups resulting from the integration of side-interests with infantilism. The combinations can themselves be combined in countless ways. For example, there are sissy babyfurs.

  New Adult Baby Video released this month - July

My Diaper Story3 #1
09:25 - 275 MB
A schoolgirl invites her girlfriend into her apartment and she is given a shopping bag full of assorted diapers. Later when she is alone, she puts the bags contents on her bed to find many cloth diapers, diaper covers and adult baby clothing. She spends time experimenting with all of the items.
My Diaper Story3 #2
09:15 - 309 MB
Diaper girl is home sick and sleeping. Her adult baby sitter comes in and starts to change her diaper and put on a clean diaper with a diaper cover and an adult baby dress, and while comforting her, her diaper girl wakes up and surprised to she is an adult baby girl.
My Diaper Story3 #3
06:37 - 187 MB
Two adult baby girls in diapers are having fun together showing each other their collection of diapers, including all their cloth diapers, diaper covers and adult baby clothing. They play together and even have their mommy do their hair and take care of them. Both put on their school uniforms, and with their diapers clearly showing, go for a walk together holding hands, outside, down the road and to the public park, and back home again.

  Urinary incontinence - Did You KNow?

Electrical stimulation - Brief doses of electrical stimulation can strengthen muscles in the lower pelvis in a way similar to exercising the muscles. Electrodes are temporarily placed in the vagina or rectum to stimulate nearby muscles. This can stabilize overactive muscles and stimulate contraction of urethral muscles. Electrical stimulation can be used to reduce both stress incontinence and urge incontinence.