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Videos & Pictures by Diapers Sissy Andy

Adults in Diapers

AdultBaby Girl Anais and adultbaby boy Andy both in their diapers and having fun together. Andy needs his diaper changed and Anais is happy to change his diaper, clean him up and put on a new clean diaper for him.

Diapered Men

Adult Baby Boys Andy and Craig playing together and fighting as baby boys do. I am a diaper lover and really enjoy looking at other people wearing diapers, especially girls in diapers. I love to see adult baby girls like this one wearing adult diapers. I believe the best diaper girls are here at ab dl and this diapered girl shows us why.

Diapered Sissy

Adult Baby Baby Sitter Bianca taking care of her adult baby boy Andy. She plays with him and changes his diaper.

Man In Diaper

Adult Baby Boy Andy wearing his diaper. He puts himself inside his crib and changes his own diaper.

Sissy Boy

AdultBabyBoy Andy playing alone, wearing his diaper with a frilly plastic diaper cover.

Sissy Man

AdultBabyBoy Andy playing alone, wearing his diaper.

Adult Babies Wearing Diapers

AdultBaby Boy Andy together with adultbaby girl Bianca having fun and playing big adult babies together.