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Pics & Vids of Diaper Girl Christina

Changing Diaper

James is a big adultbaby in his diaper. Christina is happy to play with him, feed him, and change his diaper.

Diaper Change

Christina is a big adultbaby girl in her diaper. James is happy to play with her, feed her, and change her diaper.

Diaper Lover

Christina gets extremely raunchy in her diaper. She uses her japanese pearl bird vibrator in all ways possible. While wearing her diaper, she shoves the dildo in her pussy while stimulating her asshole, then swaps, sticking that huge dildo in her ass while stimulating her clit.

Diaper Sex

Christina and James are outdoors, in their backyard playing in their diapers. Two big babies have some diaper fun. Christina get naughty and James punishes her by spanking her in her diaper. The spanking makes both adult babies horny and they start to have sex in diapers, outdoors in bright sunlight and public, for everyone to see.

Girl In Diaper

Christina has just finished a game of tennis. Little did everyone know that under her panties she was wearing her diaper. We watch her undress, take her panties off to reveal her diaper. She removes her diaper, cleans herself and puts on a fresh diaper for us.


ARCHIVE SETS - January 2004 to December 2004
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ARCHIVE SETS - January 2003 to December 2003
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