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Pics & Vids of Diaper Girl Georgia

Sex In Diapers

Adultbaby girl Georgia and man in diaper, Serg, get together in steamy diaper sex. They both undress each other to reveal the diapers they wore under their clothing and Georgia is quick get sucking cock. As you will see by the video, Georgia loves to give blowjobs, and she gives them good. Serg loves having his dick sucked while the soft diaper rubs his balls, when Georgia isn't. After a long blowjob Georgia wants to see Serg cum in his diaper .............

Adult Baby Mistress

A quick clip of Bianca and Georgia doing some exploring. Georgia completely restrains Bianca, makes her wear a diaper before gagging her.

Adult Baby Nanny

Adultbaby Girl Georgia with her pregnant mommy Kelly. Mommy plays and bottle feeds her adult baby girl and Georgia has some fun with her pregnant tummy. Adultbaby Mommy breast feeds her adultbaby girl before changing her diaper and putting her to sleep.


Georgia in a revealing and sexy interview about herself, her adultbaby fetish and love of diapers. She's sexy and fun to watch and funny to listen to her.

Diaper Bondage

Bianca is babysitting her big baby girl Georgia. All goes well and Georgia even has her diaper changed. She starts to get out of control and Bianca spanks her and tries to discipline her. Eventually she has to fully restrain her with handcuffs, legcuffs and a gag.

Breast Feeding Adult Baby

Big Mommy Nancy with her adultbaby girl Georgia. Here we see both mom and baby having some real fun as baby girl Georgia is so cheeky with her mommy, yet so funny. Her mommy plays and feeds her and she makes it difficult for her. Mommy takes off her disposable diaper and puts on a clean, fresh cloth diaper and proceeds to breast feed her adult baby girl wearing a cloth diaper.

Diaper Punishment

Anais with sweet, young and sexy Georgia enjoying some time alone. Georgia overpowers Anais and restrains her, and makes her wear a diaper.

Diaper Fun

Anais and Georgia in this ultra hot XXX scene. Watch how some simple innocent playtime starts to turn steamy as they undress each other and help each other put on their diapers. Some serious lesbian action from these adult baby girls.

Diaper Girls

Georgia baby sits and plays with Anais. Georgia and Anais love playing adult babies, and in this scene, after some playing around, Georgia changes the diaper on Anais.

Diaper Lovers

Anais is babysitting her girlfriend Georgia, who enjoys being pampered by her sitter. Anais plays with her big adult baby girl and changes her diaper.

Adult Baby Diaper Girl

How cute is Georgia in her adult baby dress and diaper. Georgia poses for us to show how sexy and playful she is. She slowly strips for us down to just her plastic diaper cover. She continues to amaze us with her beaded dildo, her baby bottle and other objects she enjoys teasing her pussy, and us, with. We don't mind as she has such a sweet looking, shaved pussy.

Adult Baby Pantie

Adultbaby girl Georgia in some serious messy fun. No diapers here, just AB fun all the way in her bright green panties. What a sexy mess she makes with her banana, and even sexier is what she does with her baby bottle and pacifier.

Ageplay Diapered Maid

How would you like this french maid wearing diapers clean your house in her diaper. If not, what are you doing here? Once again Georgia excels with her natural ability to find objects in any location and introduce them to her pussy, spread wide open. Oh yes, she looks hot in her diaper also.


ARCHIVE SETS - January 2004 to December 2004
Lesbian Diaper Girls 162 09 Mb 06:00
Nurse And Diapered Girl 055 04 Mb 10:00
Plastic Diapered Lesbian Girls 054 04 Mb 04:00