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Pics & Vids of Diaper Girl Noot

Adult Baby Mommy

AdultBaby girl JAR with her babysitter NOOT. So fresh and innocent in her diaper, but this girl in diaper needs her diaper changed and her adultbaby babysitter enjoys playing with her babygirl and changing her diaper.

Asian Schoolgirl Wearing Diaper

NOOT is a 27 year old asian lady who kept her diaper fetish to herself for almost 10 years. She soon discovered the wonders of introducing her friends to the comfort and convenience of wearing an adult diaper.

Asians Girls In Diapers

Another two asian beauties enjoying being adultbabies and wearing their big adult diapers. When JAR and NOOT are together and both in diapers, they really know how to enjoy themselves as you can see by the pictures and video.