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Pics & Vids of Diaper Girl Ting

Diaper Time

Adult baby girl TING with her friend NEE playing adult baby babysitter. These two diaper girls are not just friends, they are very close friends, and TING seems to have a problem keeping her hands off her sitter. They play together and the adultbaby girl gets fed some noodles and then has her diaper changed. Now wearing her diaper and her tummy full, they play a little more before calling it a day.

Vietnamese Schoolgirl In Diaper

One of our sexiest Vietnamese diapered schoolgirl. Young, petite and always horny, and very sexy in her diaper. Ting gets hot and horny on her bed and slowly, very slowly slips out of her school uniform, playing with her pussy along the way. Finally totally naked, she allows us to fully enjoy her body, showing us her firm, tight butt, beautifully cleanly shaved pussy, and her small, but fully developed firm, warm breasts. She eventually puts . . . . . . . . . .

Vietnamese Schoolgirls In Diapers

TING and NEE, two ver young and very sexy asian schoolgirls. They look so hot in fully dressed in their schoolgirl uniform. They slowly undress each other, enjoying each others bodies as they slowly remove each others clothing. They prepare each other bodies by rubbing baby powder on their smooth silky skin and helping each other put on a diaper. Now that both girls are wearing diapers, they get back into their school girl uniforms and . . . . . . . . . .