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Pics & Vids of Diaper Girl Tip

Asian Ab SchoolGirl

Asian girl TIP is looking ever so yummy in her school girl uniform, bunny ears and wearing her adult diaper under her school uniform. Tip slowly and seductively gets fully naked for us as she prepares to change her diaper. Nice indeed.

Asian Diapered Girl

Asian diapered girl TukTaan with her friend TIP who is playing mummy. TukTaan is young, busty and full of fun as she really enjoys wearing her diaper and playing adult baby girl, more so when she can have a girlfriend play with her. Tip, her friend, plays and feeds her, removes her dirty diaper, cleans her adult baby girl and replaces the dirty diaper with a fresh, clean new adult diaper.

Diapered Asian SchoolGirls

Diapered asian schoolgirls TukTaan and Tip have got together for an afternoon of playing adult baby girls and wearing their diapers. They are both wearing their diapers under their school uniform by the time we catch up with them, and after some fun with balloons, they prepare for a diaper change. This is what they have been waiting for all day, to remove each others dirty diaper and put on a fresh new clean diaper and continue being . . . . . . . . . .