Movie Title: Adult Baby Girl Incident

[ 2013 ]

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Adult Baby Girl Incident

Released: July 2013
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 34:30


Story starts with an adult baby girl being pampered and bottle fed by her mommy. Once fully regressed they both have heaps of fun. The adult baby girl looks really sexy in her onesie while sucking on her pacifier. Mommy prepares her baby girl for a diaper change, and once the onesie is unbuttoned we soon discover a very cute diaper cover which is holding together 8 layers of cloth diapers, which mom carefully removes and replaces all of them with clean ones. All nice and clean and well padded with many layers of cloth diapers, our adult baby gets a phone call from a girlfriend, and to her protest, mom invites her to come over to expose their secret, and to make things more fun, she is given a huge enema. Her girlfriend arrives and is shocked to see her girlfriend in diapers and sucking on a pacifier. Mommy explains everything to her and they both enjoy an afternoon together while the baby girl plays in her room waiting for the enema to kick in, or should i say, kick out. Baby makes a fuss, so mom comes in to check, and removes her diaper, but she only puts on her panty so she can get ready to go with her girlfriend, and that's when the enema makes a huge loud exit.



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