Movie Title: Diaper Training

[ 2013 ]

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Diaper Training

Released: June 2013
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 30:10


Three schoolgirls embark on a diaper adventure with their diaper trainer. They are firstly briefed on what's ahead of them, then a quick game of rock, scissors, paper to determine who will wear the diaper in public when they go shopping for diapers and enema kits. A girl is chosen and diapered. All 3 are then driven to a pharmacy where they purchase diapers and enemas, all dressed in their very short skirts, and one girl with her diaper very visible to all the public. They return where everyone helps everyone else have an enema and put on a diaper. Then it's for walk out into the country bush where they all try to fill their diapers, or at least wet their panty's. They stop off at a shack, remove their diapers, and in their panty's go out to the forest again, for a walk and a soiling session. They retire in their cabin for the evening, and the diapering continues through the night.



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