Movie Title: Girls Peeing

[ 2013 ]

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Girls Peeing

Released: March 2013
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 48:54


Story starts with two Japanese schoolgirls who have met and become friends at school. One girl starts talking about a lady she visits in secret, who lets her pee through her panty and into her mouth, which amazes her new friend. They agree to meet at one of the girls house after school but she arrives early enough to catch her friend having a diaper change by her mommy. They stay together for the weekend, and one girl gets up early to make breakfast and bring it to her girlfriend but catches her masturbating when she enters the room. Later in the day when all is forgiven they go for a walk, and the girl is missing her lady to piss on her, and she pisses in her jeans, and with soaking wet jeans, they both make it home. Sunday night they play together with a bag of diapers which they help each other putting on and coercing each other to piss in their diapers. Monday afternoon comes and they are walking home from school, and one of the girl asks her friend to come to her home, visit her mum, and when she says no, she grabs her and gives her a huge kiss, and she runs away shocked and frightened all the way to the front door of her home, but pisses herself before she walks in. She changes out of her school uniform and wet panty and goes to say hello to her mum, who is suffering from constipation, and the girl unexpectedly pisses herself again earning her a slap from her mum. Meanwhile, her other friend is thinking of her lady friend, wishing she was around to piss on her. This makes her horny, so out comes a sex toy, and she pisses everywhere while playing with herself. She has a good smell of her piss, diapers herself, plays again with herself, pisses through her diaper, has a good smell before cleaning the floor. She sleeps well, and has a dream of being an adult baby girl wearing diapers. Eventually her friend decides to have a visit to her girlfriend, whose mother has just given herself an enema to relieve her constipation, and just as both girls walk in, the enema starts working, and the girls daughter is shocked at the site, and her girlfriend at that point discovers that her girlfriends mum is her pissing buddy.



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