Movie Title: Abdl Change

[ 2014 ]

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Abdl Change

Released: April 2014
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 55:59


This is the story of one schoolgirl who has a very bad incontinence problem. She catches up with three girls from the same school while walking to school and they just ignore her. The incident makes her piss in her panties on the spot. Before class she changes her wet panties in a gym room, but she doesn't know a girl is looking at her. When she gets to class, she finds the girls have pinned her wet panties on the blackboard with some humiliating text.
Later she asked by the teacher to solve a problem in front of the class, and she can not, and the humiliation makes her piss in front of the class. The taunting by other girls continues as they stop her from jumping the cue at the toilet, once again making her to wet herself on the spot, and the girls continue to humiliate her in many ways.
As the day is finished, she finally makes it to bed and goes to sleep. She wakes to a diaper fantasy world. While walking to school, the other girls catch up with her and are sympathetic to her condition. This makes her piss her panties again, and the three girls comfort her, and walk her to one of their houses, where the three girls lay their girlfriend on the bed, take off her wet panties, and diaper her.
Walking home after school. she falls down and passes out. She awakes in old town which seems uninhabited. She finally walks into one house, where a lady greets her. The lady becomes her mummy, changing her diaper, playing with her, feeding her, and treating her with all the love an adult baby girl could ever wish for. Night falls, and they cuddle up in bed and go to sleep. She wakes up alone, in her original bed, and finds that all her diaper fantasies was one nights dream

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