Movie Title: Abdl Messy

[ 2014 ]

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Abdl Messy

Released: August 2014
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 35:26


This is the story of a schoolgirl who enjoys wetting her diapers, even putting on a clean diaper, pissing in it, then sleeping in her wet diaper. A girlfriend comes over to stay for a few days and the girl tries her best to hide her diapers, but when she has gone to school, her girlfriend discovers all the diapers she has hidden. After school, and later in the evening just as she is ready to go to bed, her girlfriend offers her a cup of calmative tea, and the girl drinks her tea and goes to her room. She undresses, puts on a diaper, pisses in it, and goes off to sleep. After a few hours, her girlfriend comes into her room changes her diaper, and her girlfriend slept throught it like a baby. Later when the girl wakes up, she realizes she has a new and clean diaper on, so she confronts her girlfriend, but she is shocked when her girlfriend shows her the diapers she is wearing under her skirt. Over the next few days the two girls enjoy diaper fun and engage in diaper fantasies together.

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