Movie Title: Adult Baby Discipline

[ 2014 ]

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Adult Baby Discipline

Released: June 2014
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 39:25


A schoolgirl is in need of discipline and diaper training, so her father takes to an adult baby mummy who offers to help her, but little does this girl know what the training involves. She arrives the next day and after a chat and a drink, she is offered some cookies, which are laced with a calmative and the girl passes out. She awakes to find herself strapped to a bed and can not move. She also discovers she has wet the bed, and she begs her mummy to let her go, but her mummy insist she behave. She removes the girls wet panties and puts her in a diaper, all along the girl begging to be let loose. She is told that she will remain strapped to the bed until she accepts her diapers, and after a few days she is accustomed to wearing a diaper, wetting her diaper, being fed and cared for by her mummy, and she is un strapped from the bed. Now the adult baby girl and mummy enjoy spending days together and she is spoiled just like a little adult baby girl wants to be.

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