Movie Title: Diaper Girls Wetting

[ 2014 ]

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Diaper Girls Wetting

Released: October 2014
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 36:50


In this movie, 3 schoolgirls and their female teacher have a peeing experience class while on an excursion. It starts on the bus, and after everyone introduces themselves, the bus starts on the tour. One of the girls soon wets her panties while pissing on the floor of the bus. The bus stops and the girl is taken to a public toilet to change and cleanup. Back on the road, the teacher pisses herself through her panties and pantyhose, and she is helped out of her wet clothes. Two of the girls are then diapered on the bus. They book into a hotel for the night and do some diaper changing on each other. Next morning, everyone is enjoying a river cruise on a small boat, when one of the girls does a piss on the boat, and she has to remove her wet panties. The boat pulls up and the girls find a shop nearby where she can buy some clean panties to wear. Some more diaper changing continues as the tour bus is on the road, and later that night, at a hotel, the girls are taught how to give an enema and wear diapers correctly. The trip ends the next day with an early morning visit to the beach, where plenty of pissing goes on, and the girls go home.



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