Movie Title: Spoiled

[ 2014 ]

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Released: March 2014
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 35:52


The story is set around a schoolgirl who steps inside her bedroom mirror only to wake up the following day in a world of incontinence. In the classroom she pees her panties in front of her classmates who do not seem to care. Her sister wets her bed and her mum does not mind. The girl sitting on the desk next to her also pees her pants and nobody minds. In this world, peeing is normal. Another girl goes to the front of the class and is asked to solve a problem, and does so while peeing her panties.

Surprised by this new world, she goes to the school nurse to air her concerns, and the school nurse diapers the girl. The girl returns to the classroom wearing her diaper and the other girls make fun of her. Later that day, 3 of her classmates ask if they change her diaper and they do. She now walks home from school with her diaper clearly showing, and each night she sleeps in a diaper, and each day she wears a diaper to school.

One night in her sleep, she comes through the mirror again into her real world, but she continues to live a life of incontinence, much to the surprise of her mother who has a bed wetting daughter, and to the surprise of her classmates when she freely pees her panties in the classroom.



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