Movie Title: Wet Diaper 2

[ 2014 ]

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Wet Diaper 2

Released: February 2014
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 42:30


A schoolgirl on the way home suddenly pees on the path home. She walks home with wet panties, and once home takes off her panties and washes them in the sink. She is feeling shameful about herself. Later that evening, she is sitting at the dinner table with her mum and sister when she again loses control and pees her pants. Her mum is quick to give her a hard spanking with her sister coming to her aid, and her sister also gets a spanked.

Crying to her sister about her problem of being incontinent and peeing everywhere, her sister introduces her to adult diapers and helps her get into them, and shows her wearing diapers is ok. The sister later that days treats us as she masturbates in her pajamas and eventually with the help of a vibrator, and the younger sister catches her in the act. The next day both sisters are talking about the incident, and things end up with both sister giving each other an enema, pumping huge amounts of liquid flush inside their ass and squirting it out with power.

Next day, the young sister makes her mum angry by peeing her panties and wetting the floor. Mum gets so angry, she grabs a big pack of adult diapers and throws it at her. The girls sister tells her to take off her wet panties and to come with her. She then puts a diaper on her sister and comforts her by showing her sister that she also wears a diaper.



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