Movie Title: Adult Baby Girl

[ 2015 ]

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Adult Baby Girl

Released: December 2015
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 1:09:29


A schoolgirl comes home, and after reading a book on her bed, passes out and pees in her sleep soaking her panty and bed. She gets up from her wet bed and takes off the sheets and covers and puts clean sheets on the bed. Later that day, she gets herself some adult diapers and experiments as to how best to put on diapers so she can wear a diaper while she sleeps. She eventually gets it right and pees in her diaper to see how well it works. Happy with her wet diaper, she changes herself into a clean adult diaper and enjoys a good sleep. Next morning she wakes up and changes her wet diaper. She gets dressed for school and goes off to school wearing a diaper. When she comes home, she goes into her room to change and gets caught wearing a diaper by her dad. She decides to find a mommy to help her with her love of diapers, and so not to be in the embarrassing situation of having her dad catch her. She finds a mommy and after getting to know each other, the mummy notices the schoolgirl is wearing a diaper under her skirt on her first visit. Having being caught wearing a diaper, the mommy wants to see what sort of diaper it is and how she is wearing it. Mommy then offers to do a diaper change for her and she does, and the mommy helps the girl wearing a diaper to wet her diaper. During another visit she shows the schoolgirl her large range of cloth diapers and offers to diaper the girl. She diapers the girl and also dresses her in adult baby clothing with a onesie and some cute dresses. Now wearing her diapers she is playing alone and having fun. She blows up some balloons and plays with her soft cuddly toys. After doing a pee in her diaper, she calls out to her mommy to have a diaper change. Her mommy changes her wet diaper and continues to breast feed the adult baby girl. The relationship between mommy and adult baby girl in diapers with many wet diaper days ahead of them.

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