Movie Title: Adult Baby In Diapers

[ 2015 ]

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Adult Baby In Diapers

Released: September 2015
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 53:53


A Japanese schoolgirl pees her panties while visiting her adult baby mummy, who is left to clean the pee off the wet floor and change the girls wet panty. Her mommy begins treating her incontinence using ancient Japanese methods and some modern ones, including enemas, but not before she endures a heavy dose of spanking. This adult baby girl undergoes diaper punishment and training and after peeing in her diaper while being punished, her mommy changes her wet diaper, and puts on fresh new clean diaper and adult baby clothing and then comforts her adult baby girl. Later, she is fed by her mommy, who then goes to sort out a pile of cloth diapers while her diaper girl plays and watches. Adult baby mommy and diaper girl continue to enjoy other activities together, until she wets her diaper and her mummy brings her in to the change room to diaper her. She puts on a few layers of cloth diapers on her adult baby girl to comfort her.



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