Movie Title: Diaper Girl

[ 2015 ]

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Diaper Girl

Released: November 2015
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 1:19:16


A girl is walking home from school when she spots a lady hanging colored cloth pieces on the clothes line to dry. She has never seen anything like this before and her curiosity causes her to have a closer look. She comes up to touch them to see if she can figure out what they are, and the lady walks up behind her and startles her, but convinces her to come inside where she is given a close up look and lesson into diapers. She soon gets the urge to go to the toilet, but doesn't want to be impolite to the lady who has been so kind to her. When the lady leaves the room, the girl gets her chance and she runs to the toilet but does not make it in time and she pees in her panty. She is embarrassed and starts to cry, and the lady comes to comfort her and clean the pee which has trickled down her legs. She is then taken to the bath where the lady gives her a good clean all over. It is now a perfect time for the lady to diaper the girl, but she is reluctant at first, but she soon accepts and she now is wearing a diaper, with a diaper cover under her school dress. Having become totally comfortable with the idea of being an adult baby girl and wearing diapers she plays in the yard while her mommy is folding her clean cloth diapers. After playing outside for hours, it is time for a diaper change. Mommy changes her diaper, and then bottle feeds her, and then has a nap. When the adult baby girl in a diaper wakes up, she goes to her mommy asking to change her wet diaper. She has a diaper change with clean cloth diapers and then a diaper cover. Mommy puts her diapergirl in pajamas and sings her to sleep.

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