Movie Title: Diaper Hospital

[ 2015 ]

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Diaper Hospital

Released: October 2015
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 1:21:42


This movie is based on a girl who cracks under the pressure of every day life. One night she makes herself a tea and while doing her homework falls asleep and wakes up in a hospital wearing pajamas and diapers underneath. A nurse and doctor explain that she is suffering from incontinence and take her to another room where there are many other girls, either incontinent, regressed or adultbabies. One of the girls pees in her diaper and is changed, while all the other diaper girls play games with each other and the nurses. Her girlfriend pees herself and starts crying for attention and to be changed. Later in the day, the girl starts peeing herself uncontrollably, and after some crying, a nurse finally comes to change her. Just before bedtime, another nurse comes into her room, removes her diaper and gives her an enema, and puts on a clean diaper for her, and hoping that the enema will work soon, filling her diaper. Very confused as to where she is and how she got there, she waits for nightfall, and she sneaks out of her room, and eventually out of the hospital. She is now wondering the streets in the dark, fully diapered and in her pajamas, but the enema kicks in, and without control, her diaper is now full, and looking up, she sees a doctor and a nurse, who escort her back to the hospital. Back in hospital, she spends a few days now, playing with the other five girls in diapers and the three nurses, with many adventures ahead, such as nurses being diapered, until eventually her Mom comes and takes her out of hospital.



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