Movie Title: Diaper Punishment

[ 2015 ]

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Diaper Punishment

Released: April 2015
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 39:16


A girl is in need of a job, and she has been busy with applications. She gets on the phone to chase up a job as a house maid, and she is called in for an interview. She arrives at the house, where she is greeted by an older woman, and they sit down and chat for a while. All along she is becoming more and more nervous with each question she has to answer, so much so she is sweating, and she has a few drinks of water and juice to calm her. When asked for her regime, the lady sits down next to her to read it, but she has actually been flirting with the young girl all the time, and now sitting next to her, she takes further advantage of the situation. She seems to like the fact that the younger girl is very, very nervous about her advancements. She suspects the girl has peed in her pants, and takes the girl to a room and with much resistance, she manages to take the girls pants off, and she finally reveals the girls wet panty. She takes her to the shower, and gives her a good clean, so much so, she even shaves any hair she can find. Now the babying begins, and moaning, groaning and sulking, the lady gets to put lots of layers of thick cloth diapers on the girl and a nice diaper cover. Left alone, she starts to look at herself in the mirror and she actually likes what she sees. She is curious about having a full diaper, so she tries very vey hard, and she manages to pee in her diaper. Feeling the warmth of her pee in the diaper, she gets horny, and masturbates with a wet diaper on. She cums, and lays down to relax, with a diaper she has peed in and cum in, and it doesn't take long before the wet diaper she is wearing makes her feel like peeing again. She pees again in her already wet diaper, and again starts to play with herself. With two pees and two cums in her diaper, she calls out to her MOM, asking for a change, but her MOM is busy, so she cries and cries and cries, so she takes her wet and messy diaper off, but doesn't replace it. With no diaper, she eventually pees herself on the bed, and her MOM is very very angry, making the girl cry again telling her she will wear a diaper for 24 hours without changing it for punishment. 24 hours later, with a very wet diaper, her MOM knows what she wants before a diaper change, so she unclips a few buttons from the diaper cover, slips her hand in and starts rubbing the girl to the point of climax.

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