Movie Title: Diaper Story

[ 2015 ]

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Diaper Story

Released: March 2015
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 44:07


This movie starts with a girl coming into her apartment and looking for her sister who has come to stay the weekend, as she has her own room there. She hears some sounds coming from the back room, so she opens the door just enough to have a look, and she is startled. Her sister, thinking she was going to be alone for a while, is playing with her self, but not only that, she is wearing some very thick cloth diapers and a cover. She continues spying until her sister finishes playing with herself and comes in her diaper. She goes to her room and is trying to work out not just what she saw her sister doing, but what actually happened, and sitting down, she notices she is wet between her legs. She reaches in and under her panty and her fingers come out wet and sticky. Seems the whole event made her slightly wet. Later that evening she sits to write her sister a letter now that she has gone back to the city. Her sister is back at home and diapers herself before bed, and diapers herself again before going to school. Back at home after school has finished, she decides to break her addiction to diapers. She decides she must break the habit, so she packs all her diapers and diaper covers in a box, and takes them down the road to be collected by the rubbish truck. Not even an hour has passed, when she runs back to where she left the box to reclaim her diapers, which she can not live without. She is disappointed when the box has already gone. Later that day, a man knocks on her door and delivers the box to her. Seems the box had her address on it, and since it was a sealed box, he thought to return it to her. She is naturally thrilled that the diapers she love so much found their way back to her. Her older sister has decided to empty the draws of all her sisters diapers, and wash them for her, to show that she approves and not to be shy, and she will have fresh clean diapers for her next visit. While collecting them off the line now that they are dry, she starts to become curious herself, and it's this sisters turn to get hooked on diapers.

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