Movie Title: Diapered Hypnotic Adventures

[ 2015 ]

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Diapered Hypnotic Adventures

Released: July 2015
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 44:14


The movie starts with what seems to be a girl being hypnotized, and after a loud slap, she wakes up in her bed, which is soaking wet. She takes off her wet panty and has a shower. She gets dressed for school and when she is gone, her mom goes to make up her bed, and finds the sheets soaking wet. When the schoolgirl returns from school, she finds a pack of diapers on her bed. After seeing what they are, she gets angry, but her anger soon turns to curiosity. She takes out a diaper to inspect it, but she is distracted by a book on her bed side table, which is a book on hypnosis. She reads the book for a while, and then decides to try on a diaper. She then goes to the kitchen where her mum is to show her she is wearing a diaper. She offers her mum a chair, who is grateful and sits down, but the girl puts what she read in the hypnosis book into action, and she soon hypnotizes her mum with suggestions of incontinence so she can feel what it is like to have incontinent problems. Within the minute her mom is pissing through her panty and onto the hallway floor. She is so excited about what she did, when she goes to her room later, she wets her diaper uncontrollably. The next day the schoolgirl arrives home with a suitcase full of diapers and adult baby clothing. She goes to her mommy, and with the special keywords, she falls into her hypnotic command, and a role reversal begins, where mum is the diapered girl, and the diaper girl is the mum, and the real diaper girl now diapers her mommy. Fully diapered now she offers to breast feed her and she willingly accepts. Breastfeeding slowly excites both of them and the action heats up. In the evening, the girl is on her bed bottle feeding herself, and wetting her diaper. Mom comes in and checks her diaper. Finding it wet, she changes her and now the breastfeeding role reverses and she breast feeds her, and the girl wets her diaper while being breast fed. A quick diaper change and back to breastfeeding. The movie ends with her mum saying the keywords, and the girl wakes up where she started, and we're not sure what, if any was reality or just a hypnotic state.

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