Movie Title: Diapered Punishment

[ 2015 ]

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Diapered Punishment

Released: June 2015
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 39:04


A grandmother who is also a mommy for many adult baby girls is folding all the cloth diapers she has just washed and dried, and is thinking about how cute certain diapers look on some of her girls. A friend has requested if she be a sitter and look after her daughter for the weekend so she can take care of a medical emergency. She arrives straight from school on Friday afternoon and spends some time settling in. The baby sitter tries to make her feel at home, makes her a tea, has a chat with her and comments on how cute she looks in her school uniform. With all the effort the sitter has made to the girl feel comfortable, the schoolgirl still feels homesick and alone. Next morning she wakes up to find she has wet the bed. She tells the girl not to worry, and that she will clean everything and that she should go have a shower. The sitter removes all the wet sheets and makes up a new bed for her, this time, she has left a diaper pack on the bed for the girl to find when she returns from the shower. She finds a stack of cloth diapers already folded into position ready for to put on, but she decides not to wear them. She falls to sleep and starts dreaming. She is dreaming her sitter is very angry at her for not wearing the diapers, and she is so frightened, she pisses herself while she is being yelled at. She then finds herself bound and gagged in her dream and her sitter diapering her, while she struggles. It's a long hard struggle between the sitter and the girl, but the sitter wins and fully diapers the girl. The girls dream now skips to her riding a rocking horse in her diapers while her sitter looks over her. She wakes up surprise to find she is wearing diapers, as she didn't go to bed wearing diapers, and they're soaking wet also. The sitter comes in, greets her a good morning and changes her wet diaper. She feels so comfortable now, that she fully regresses to an adult baby girl wearing diapers and plays in the garden while her Mom is taking care of the laundry. They both continue to enjoy a weekend together roll playing mommy and big bay girl.

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