Movie Title: Diapergirl

[ 2015 ]

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Released: August 2015
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 50:42


A girl visits her Aunty after school, and after a quick hello, she is given a cup of tea and asked to wait a few minutes while the Aunty finishes off some choirs. A distraction in the garden outside thinks it needs the attention of her Aunty, and when she goes to look for her, she sees her folding a pile of cloth diapers and diaper covers. She hides behind the door as she watches her Aunty until she is finished. As they sit down for another cup of tea, the girl is intrigued by what she saw and starts to imagine her Aunty diapering her and dressing up as an adult baby girl. When her Aunty tells her she has to go do some shopping, the girl asks if she can stay to look after the house until she returns, and the Aunty agrees. Now alone in the house. she goes to the room where her Aunty was and opens the draw where she put all the diapers. As she sifts through the diapers, diaper covers and adult baby clothing, she day dreams about being an adult baby and having a mommy to take care of her. She eventually lays the cloth diapers on the floor and slowly works out how to put on the diapers herself. When she hears her Aunty return home, she hasn't enough time to take off her diaper and she is caught wearing diapers. Her Aunty is impressed and soon she offers to diaper her and teach her how to put on the cloth diapers, along with the diaper covers and her adult baby dress. Later that day she is watching her Aunty fold the clean cloth diapers. She needs to go to the toilet, and never have worn a diaper, peeing in her diaper was an unusual thought, so she runs to the toilet and tries to take her diaper off, but there's just too many layers of cloth diapers held in with a plastic diaper cover to take off in time and she pees in her diaper. Embarrassed, she stays in the toilet, until her Aunty comes to find her, comforts her and takes her to change her wet diaper. All clean, she now is playing outside in a flower garden. She finds a cat and plays with it and then rides her bicycle. After wetting her diaper once again, but this time she did it willingly and enjoyed it, she finds her Aunty to have her diaper changed. Her Aunty changes her diaper and puts on clean cloth diapers , a diaper cover and pajamas before she goes to sleep.

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