Movie Title: Incontinent Maid

[ 2015 ]

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Incontinent Maid

Released: January 2015
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 41:23


A maid, too afraid to be excused for the toilet, pisses herself and starts crying from embarrassment and apologizing. The following day she is confronted with the fact that she has wet her bed, so her employer now diapers her before she gets to cleaning the house. Later that day while cleaning behind the sofa, the maid is feeling the urge to piss, and now, for the first time, she will get to piss while wearing a diaper. As she fills her diaper, she finds it enjoyable, feeling the warmth as she wets her diaper. Unknown to her, her employer is standing by the stairs watching the entire event. She is happy that she peed in her diaper rather then the floor, and now she takes her to clean her and give her a diaper change, but the maid is reluctant as she still feels ashamed that she has to wear a diaper as punishment and humiliated for wetting her diaper. When her Mistress removes her wet diaper, she is put on her hands and knees and she is spanked, until her bottom is nice and red from the spanking. She is then diapered and left to go back to work, and soon enough, she is laying on the sofa, stroking and rubbing the outside of her diaper, hard enough for her pussy to feel the diaper rubbing against it, and she orgasms, and though her mistress was watching her, she will never know. When the working day is over, the maid goes to the spare room and her Mistress comes in to change her diaper for the evening. With a nice clean diaper, she now goes to her room, and while sniffing the urine smell on the bed from the day before, her Mistress comes in to let her know something, and she is caught smelling her bed sheet. This reminds the mistress that she should put a plastic diaper cover over her diaper, so she is kept dry while sleeping.

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