Movie Title: Adult Baby Girl

[ 2017 ]

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Adult Baby Girl

Released: February 2017
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 1:52:34


An adult baby girl in diapers starts her day by waking in her wet diapers. Wetting her diaper always makes her horny, so she masturbates in her wet diaper, wetting it more. She changes herself, and puts her wet diaper away, but not before enjoying herself on the smell of her wet diaper. She dresses in her full adult baby girl clothing, which again turns her on and she comes in her diaper again while peeing her diaper, which she changes a second time. Her third attempt is the same, pissing in her diaper. Fourth time, she has managed to put her skirt on. She lays out her cloth diapers to wear under her dress, and she diapers herself, her memories go to her mommy diapering her. We spend the whole day living out her real life as an adult baby girl in diapers, and also explore her imagination as she is pampered by her adult baby mommy.

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