Movie Title: Girls In Wet Diapers

[ 2018 ]

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Girls In Wet Diapers

Released: November 2018
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 00:44:20


Spend a few days with a Diaper Girl as she enjoys being In diapers day and night. This Diapergirl also enjoys Wearing Diapers in public as well as at home. She loves the feeling of a Wet Diaper in the morning and delays her Diaper Change for as long as possible. Over the days you will see the many types of diapers, disposable, pull ups and a large variety of cloth diapers, printed, along with some very sexy diaper covers. Her cloth diapers are her favorite and she enjoys the time spent cleaning her dirty cloth diapers and hanging them up for the day to dry naturally, folding them with love and put away, ready to be worn for another day. This girl is a true Diaper Lover. She just loves being In A Diaper and In A Diaper andDiapered.

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