Movie Title: Punished In Diapers

[ 2018 ]

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Punished In Diapers

Released: August 2018
Codec: H.264
Frame size: 720 x 480
Duration: 00:41:05


A man has planned for his diaper slave to come over, and he has some evil plans for her. Not long after she arrives, he starts to grope her. His hand between her legs has revealed the girl is wearing a diaper, a wet diaper.. Her diaper is wet. She pissed in her diaper, wetting it. He gets angry that she wet her diaper. He makes her change into a clean diaper. Humiliated, he takes advantage of her with a sex toy, and then diapers her with the vibrator still inside her diaper. Now he humiliates her for a while, but not before getting a blow job. It doesn't stop here. There is a second diaper girl slave, but at the moment she is at school being humiliated by someone else, but she will soon be coming home to daddy, in her wet diaper, to get her punishment.

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