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Below are our AB/DL diaper videos released in the year 2006. One video per week means you get 52 diaper videos to choose from on this page. With a 20+ year collection for you to enjoy, you do not need to look elsewhere. We have adult baby videos from all over the world in formats that match the technology of the current year (2006). You will be overwhelmed by the endless supply of diaper girls videos and adult baby girls videos we have for you. As a member you have access to the full length versions of all diaper girl vids to download.

Adult-Baby-Sitter - Week #1
Adultbaby Babysiiter with her adultbaby girl. These ladies are actually sisters, and the oldest enjoys looking after her sister who has been into infantilism for many years. They enjoy the diaper changing and watching each other naked, just as they did when they were younger.

Asian-Ab-SchoolGirl - Week #2
Asian girl is looking ever so yummy in her school girl uniform, bunny ears and wearing her adult diaper under her school uniform. Tip slowly and seductively gets fully naked for us as she prepares to change her diaper. Nice indeed.

Asian-Adultbaby - Week #3
Young and sexy adultbaby girl and diaper lover is playing around. The video camera is running while she's being a big adult baby girl for her friend who is taking some pictures of her.

Asian-Adult-Baby - Week #4
LISA is another cute diaper girl from Taiwan. Watch her enjoying being an adult baby and wearing her diaper. She is wearing a large blue diaper with not so sticky tabs but lucky she has a plastic diaper cover to put over her adult diaper helping to keep her diaper on and tight.

Asian-Diapered-Girl - Week #5
Asian diapered girl with her friend who is playing mummy. Young, busty and full of fun as she really enjoys wearing her diaper and playing adult baby girl. Her friend plays and feeds her, removes her dirty diaper, cleans her adult baby girl and replaces the dirty diaper with a fresh, clean new adult diaper.

Asian-Diapered-Schoolgirl - Week #6
This sweet young asian schoolgirl will captivate you with her smile, and her tits. Doesn't she look great in her diaper and school uniform. In an extra long video clip, simply because she enjoyed herself so much, we watch this asian schoolgirl play, have fun and unwind. This is followed by a slow removal of her schoolgirl uniform, and then prepares herself to put on her diaper. Now wearing her adult diaper, she . . . . . . . . .

Asian-Diapergirl - Week #7
Young and sexy adultbaby girl and diaper lover is playing around. Watch her get naked, rub oil on her tight young body, freshen herself with some baby powder, and putting on her adult diaper.

Asian-Diaper-Girl - Week #8
Lisa with her young sister Ling. Both girls are from Taiwan and very close sisters. Lisa understands Lings desire to be an adult baby girl so she is happy to play her sitter and have fun with her sister wearing a diaper.

Asian-Diaper-Girls - Week #9
These two asian teens are lesbians in real life. They tease us as they body paint each other. They then help each other put on a diaper and the body painting continues, along with diaper painting. This is real diaper fun.

Big-Asian-Diaper - Week #10
This asian cutie is so petite, the smallest adult diaper is still far too big a diaper for her. Watch her as she plays in her big diaper and does a diaper change on herself.

BreastFeeding-Adult-Babies - Week #11
Adult baby girls are wearing adult diapers and both look gorgeous in them. Both diaper girls are treated when their babysitter allows them a break from bottled milk and decides to breast feed her adultbaby girls wearing diapers.

Breast-Feeding-Adult-Babies - Week #12
Big nana with two hungry adult babies. Adult baby boy and adult baby girl both fight over who is going to get to the breasts first to have a taste of mammas breast milk.

Changing-Diaper - Week #13
He is a big adultbaby in his diaper. She is happy to play with him, feed him, and change his diaper.

CheerLeader-Wearing-a-Diaper - Week #14
Girl in her cheerleader uniform certainly looks hot. She loves to spread her legs wide open and stick her huge dildo in her sweet shaved pussy. She loves doing double penetration dildos. She performs all this for us, first in her pull up diaper, and then in her normal adult diaper.

College-Diaper - Week #15
This is an absolutely delightful and fun scene with this girl wearing her diaper under her college uniform. She does all sorts of wacky things being a big adult baby girl, and makes a mess feeding herself.

Diaper-Change - Week #16
AdultBaby BabySitter Cassie caring for her adultbaby girl Buffy. She plays with her, feeds, her and changes her dirty diaper.

Diapered - Week #17
Once again this stunning schoolgirl entices us with her youth and beauty. She has peed her diaper that she is wearing under her schoolgirl dress, and she is not shy to show us. She takes off her wet diaper showing us the pee stain. She continues to cleans herself and puts on a new diaper, which makes her a little horny.

Diapered-Girl - Week #18
Busty AdultBaby girl getting horny covering herself in baby powder before putting on her diaper.

Diapered-Maid - Week #19
She's busty, sexy and in her french maid uniform with fishnets. Having finished cleaning her room she now enjoys having some fun in her diaper. Would you like her to come clean your place wearing her diaper? I would!

Diapergirl - Week #20
LISA is another cute diaper girl from Taiwan. Watch her enjoying being an adult baby and wearing her diaper. Lisa has just come home from college and reveals her diaper under her skirt.

Diaper-Girl - Week #21
So sexy dressed in black and in her tight black jeans, she slowly touches herself and eventually exposes her huge, young and firm breasts. She continues until she is fully naked and rubs oil all over her sweet young body. She finally wears he diaper and continues to tease us while in her adult diaper.

Diaper-Girls - Week #22
Georgia baby sits and plays with Anais. Georgia and Anais love playing adult babies, and in this scene, after some playing around, Georgia changes the diaper on Anais.

Diaper-Time - Week #23
Adult baby girl with her friend playing adult baby babysitter. These two diaper girls are very close friends. They play together and the adultbaby girl gets fed some noodles and then has her diaper changed. Now wearing her diaper and her tummy full, they play a little more before calling it a day.

Girl-in-a-Diaper - Week #24
Meet adultbaby girl Samantha, a mature, busty and fit diaper lover. This scene has Samantha in her nursery and wearing her diaper. The action heats up as she slowly get naked, proving that mature women can have killer bodies also. She continues steaming up the nursery by masturbating and inserting her pacifier and baby bottle deep inside her pussy.

Girls-in-Diapers - Week #25
Young lady playing adult baby with her girl friend, who are both being entertained and looked after by a nurse who also does a diaper change to both girls and the fun in diapers continues.

HotDiaperGirl - Week #26
Outrageously hot action from Anais as she splashes herself, fingers herself, enjoys the pleasures of her huge dildo and eventually giving us a loud orgasm, all in her plastic diaper.

Hot-Diaper-Girls - Week #27
Yet another two sizzling young Asian babes. A blood boiling huge series, all hot and horny. Watch these two Asian schoolgirls enjoying each others bodies in some real lesbian action and an overdose of fun in diapers.

Husband-in-a-Diaper - Week #28
Adult Baby Couple in hardcore diaper action. He enjoys a hand job and a blow job in his diaper. She enjoys having her pussy licked while wearing her diaper, but they both enjoy a good, long session of sex in diapers together.

In-Diaper - Week #29
Adult Baby Gay Boy playing by himself and with himself wearing his diaper.

Interview - Week #30
A short personal Interview with adult baby girl Cassie about adult diapers.

School-Girl-In-A-Diaper - Week #31
Young and Sexy SchoolGirl in her Japanese school uniform. She half undresses herself to make it easier for her to put on her diaper, and once her diaper is on and comfortable, she gets back in her full Japanese schoolgirl uniform.

Schoolgirl-In-Her-Diaper - Week #32
One of our sexiest Vietnamese diapered schoolgirl. Young, petite and always horny, and very sexy in her diaper. Very slowly she slips out of her school uniform, playing with her pussy along the way. She allows us to fully enjoy her body, her firm, tight butt, shaved pussy, and her tiny tits, before she puts on her adult diaper.

School-Girls-In-Diapers - Week #33
19 yo Japanese school girl with her 18 yo girlfriend, together in a colorful and sizzling scene. Both in their diapers, they play like big babies and hen help each other change their diapers before playing further and eventually falling asleep together.

Schoolgirls-Wearing-Diapers - Week #34
Two very young and very sexy Asian schoolgirls. They look so hot in fully dressed in their schoolgirl uniform. They slowly undress each other, enjoying each others bodies as they slowly remove each others clothing. They prepare each other bodies by rubbing baby powder on their smooth silky skin and helping each other put on a diaper.

Secretary-In-A-Diaper - Week #35
Asians love to ageplay. This secretary from Thailand is no exception. She always wears her diaper at work, easily and discreetly. She looks so natural wearing her diaper.

Secretary-Wearing-Diaper - Week #36
Office secretary who enjoys wearing her diaper under her fishnet stockings. Enjoy watching her as she takes her diaper from her diaper bag and slips on her diaper, then her stockings.

Sex-In-Diapers - Week #37
Adultbaby girl man in diaper get together in steamy diaper sex. They both undress each other to reveal the diapers they wore under their clothing and she is quick get sucking cock. As you will see by the video, she loves to give blowjobs, and she gives them good.

Sissy - Week #38
Diaper Girl playing with her sissy boyfriend. They enjoy time together being adultbabies, and diaper girl changes his diaper and gives him a spanking or two along the way.

Sissy-Boy - Week #39
Gay adultbaby and diapers lover sissy boy has nobody to play with, but he doesn't mind all that much, as he enjoys playing with himself and just being a big adult baby boy.

Sissy-In-Diapers - Week #40
Adult Baby Boy playing alone, wearing his diaper.

Sissy-Maid - Week #41
Diaper Girl as a maid and her sissy adult baby boy. She plays with him to keep him happy and also changes his diaper for him.

Teen-Diaper - Week #42
Here we see this girl having heaps of fun just being an adult baby girl and wearing her diaper. You have to agree she is simply sizzling hot and oozing with beauty.

Teens-In-Diapers - Week #43
Two young teen diaper girls in full lesbian action as these real life lesbian diaper lovers hold nothing back on us with passionate kissing and wild pussy licking, all in their diapers.

Thai-Diaper-Lovers - Week #44
One of the cutest adultbaby girl in diaper we have seen in years is having fun with a first time diaper girl and good friend, who usually plays with her as her sitter, but she has finally convinced her to wear an adult diaper with her.

Trashy-Asian-Schollgirl_Part-1 - Week #45
Sexy Asian girl in this extremely raunchy shoot. Wearing leather, trashy fishnet stockings and her schoolgirl uniform, she spreads her legs wide open in many positions, opening wide her pussy and fingering herself.

Trashy-Asian-Schollgirl_Part-2 - Week #46
Wearing leather, trashy fishnet stockings and what remains of her schoolgirl uniform after she attacked it with a scissors, she fucks herself with a pacifier and spills milk all over herself from her baby bottle then sticks it in her pussy and fucks it, oh yeah, and she eventually puts on her adult diaper for our enjoyment.

Vietnamese-Diaper-Lover - Week #47
Vietnamese woman with all the traditional clothing with added extra. Adult Diaper. After getting out of her casual evening wear, she grabs her diaper and soon we see her wearing her adult diaper in full traditional Vietnamese clothing.

Wear-Diaper - Week #48
Young diapergirl in a small shoot as she shows us how easily she regresses back to infantilism once she gets into her diaper.

WetPantie - Week #49
Adult Baby Girl playing around in just her panties. She fucks a banana, peels it and squashes into her pussy. She takes her baby bottle full of milk and gives a good show, and her pussy a drink.

Wet-Pantie - Week #50
Adult Baby Girl playing around in just her panties. She simply enjoys some infantilism time by herself.

Woman-In-Diaper - Week #51
Diaper girl enjoying time alone being a big baby girl in her diaper.

Women-in-Diapers - Week #52
Lovely girls wearing diapers and enjoying each others company and playing with each other. They're both so cute,diapered cute.