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Below are our AB/DL diaper videos released in the year 2009. One video per week means you get 52 diaper videos to choose from on this page. With a 20+ year collection for you to enjoy, you do not need to look elsewhere. We have adult baby videos from all over the world in formats that match the technology of the current year (2009). You will be overwhelmed by the endless supply of diaper girls videos and adult baby girls videos we have for you. As a member you have access to the full length versions of all diaper girl vids to download.

A Diaper Diary #1 - 05:42 - 168 MB - Week #1
A Japanese schoolgirl pees her panties while visiting her adult baby mummy, who is left to clean the pee off the wet floor and change the girls wet panty.

A Diaper Diary #2 - 17:44 - 678 MB - Week #2
An adult baby girl undergoes diaper punishment given out by her adult baby mummy. After being diapered, she is caught peeing in her diaper while being punished, so her mummy changes her wet diaper, and puts on fresh new clean adult baby clothing and comforts her adult baby girl.

A Diaper Diary #3 - 08:18 - 312 MB - Week #3
Adult baby girl in a diaper is being fed by her mummy, who then goes to sort out a pile of cloth diapers while her diaper girl plays and watches. Adult baby mummy and diaper girl continue to enjoy other activities together.

A Diaper Diary #4 - 04:07 - 127 MB - Week #4
An adult baby girl is wearing wet panties so her mummy brings her in to the change room to diaper her. She puts on a few layers of cloth diapers on her adult baby to comfort her.

A Diaper Diary #5 - 16:44 - 532 MB - Week #5
A schoolgirl comes home, and after reading a book on her bed, passes out and pees in her sleep. She gets up from her wet bed and takes off the sheets and covers and puts clean sheets on the bed. She gets herself some adult diapers and experiments as to how best to put on diapers so she can wear a diaper while she sleeps. She eventually gets it right and pees in her diaper to see how well it works. Happy with her wet diaper, she changes herself into a clean adult diaper and enjoys a good sleep.

A Diaper Diary #6 - 06:10 - 162 MB - Week #6
Girl in her diapers wakes up and changes her wet diaper. She gets dressed for school and goes off to school wearing a diaper. When she comes home, she goes into her room to change and gets caught wearing a diaper by her dad.

A Diaper Diary #7 - 08:00 - 235 MB - Week #7
Schoolgirl looking for an adult baby mummy answers an advert and goes to her find her mummy. After getting to know each other, the mummy notices the schoolgirl is wearing a diaper under her skirt. Having being caught wearing a diaper, the mummy wants top see what sort of diaper it is and how she is wearing it. Mummy then offers to do a diaper change for her and she does, and the mummy helps the girl wearing a diaper to wet her diaper.

A Diaper Diary #8 - 14:13 - 488 MB - Week #8
Adult baby mummy shows a diapered schoolgirl her large range of cloth diapers and offer to diaper the girl. She diapers the girl and also dresses her in adult baby clothing with a onesie and some cute dresses.

A Diaper Diary #9 - 13:23 - 485 MB - Week #9
Adult baby girl wearing diapers is playing alone and having fun. She blows up some balloons and plays with her soft cuddly toys. After doing a pee in her diaper, she calls out to her adult baby mummy to have a diaper change. Her mummy changes her wet diaper and continues to breast feed the adult baby girl.

A Diaper Diary #10 - 06:33 - 221 MB - Week #10
An adult baby girl enjoys having her diaper changed by her mommy and dressed in her adult baby clothes. Mummy does the dishes while the adult baby girl plays until she needs changing after peeing in her diaper.

A Diaper Diary #11 - 07:09 - 192 MB - Week #11
An incontinent adult baby girl pees in her panties and getting the floor wet. Her mummy gets her out of her wet panties and into some dry cloth diapers. She then enjoys breastfeeding her adult baby girl.

Girls Peeing Diapers #5 - 07:15 - 169 MB - Week #12
An adult baby girl is enjoying sitting on the deck and looking out over the garden. She has a cute pink dress on, with a thick cloth diaper and a colorful diaper cover. She wets her diaper and changes her diaper before her mummy comes home.

Adult Baby Breast Feeding - Week #13
Adult Baby Breastfeed - Big Mommy with her adultbaby girl. Here we see both mom and baby having some real fun as baby girl is so cheeky with her mommy, yet so funny. Her mommy plays and feeds her and she makes it difficult for her. Mommy takes off her disposable diaper and puts on a clean, fresh cloth diaper and proceeds to breast feed her adult baby girl.

Adult Baby Girl - Week #14
Adult Baby Girl - This cute blonde school girl is from Thailand and she loves wearing a big diaper under her school uniform. It's not often we get to see a blonde Asian girl, but we have struck it lucky here. She is blonde, she's young, busty and they are natural and firm. This schoolgirl looks fantastic in her school uniform and just as fantastic wearing her diaper.

Adult Baby Girls Part 1 - Week #15
Oriental Adult Baby Girls - These two Asian teen girls are lesbians in real life and they prove it here. They undress each other out of their colorful Asian dresses to reveal their matching naught and sexy lingerie. It's instant kissing, pussy licking, more kissing and pussy licking until we can't take it any more.

Adult Baby Girls Part 2 - Week #16
Oriental Adult Baby Girls - Two Asian teens are lesbians in real life. They take a break from eating each other senseless and helping each other into their diapers, and again start to eat each others pussy, kiss, lick, bite suck every inch of their body. Eventually we get to see them finish dressing into their Asian school girl uniform with their diapers still on.

Adult Baby in Diaper - Week #17
Adult Baby Girl in a Diaper - Adult Baby Girl getting horny in her diaper. She starts to play with 1 dildo getting her pussy wet but she needs more. She then gets a 2nd dildo and gets into some double penetration in her diaper.

Adult Baby Nursery - Week #18
AB Nursery - Enjoy the colorful scenery and beautiful girls with traditional costumes. Enjoy the beauty of young schoolgirl and her mommy. Unique adult baby and diaper fun including diaper change, all in colorful traditional clothing.

AdultBaby DiaperGirls - Week #19
AdultBaby DiaperGirls - Diaper Girls playing together. Diaper Girl plays with her babygirl friend and changes her dirty diaper. Her friend is being very naughty while she is changing her diaper.

AdultBaby Girls - Week #20
Diapergirls - Watch these two young Asian girls having fun as adult babies. Huge series where they change each others diaper and have lots of diaper fun playing big adult babies.

Age Play Secretary In Diaper - Week #21
Diapered Asian Secretary - Lovely asian dream secretary who loves dressing up and her age play games in her diaper.

Age Play Wearing Diaper - Week #22
Diapergirl Working - Girl in her hard hat and bright orange safety worker uniform with her diaper underneath. She stops for lunch and makes a mess of her banana while trying to feed her vagina some of the banana.

Asian Adult Baby Sitter - Week #23
Adult Baby Mom - Lovely Asian lady in red is babysitting a sweet little Asian girl. They both enjoy each others company and the baby girl loves to have her diaper changed. She and her sitter are enjoying each others company and they really enjoy the time spent together.

Asian Diaper Change - Week #24
Asian Girl Diaper Change - She likes to be a big adult baby girl. Watch this young and beautiful Asian diaper lover relaxing and having fun in her diaper.

Asian Diapered Girls - Week #25
Asian Diapers - These girls are in diapers and are helping each other with makeup and their hair. They continue having a fun filled day in their diapers. They take a break to eat, change each others diaper before they lay down for a nap.

Asian Girls Diapered - Week #26
Diapered Japanese Lesbian School Girls - Absolutely young and sexy Asian girlfriends in some very naughty and skimpy outfits. Full lesbian action, kissing, pussy licking and more, all in their diapers, and they both love to wear their diapers.

Asian Girls in Diapers Part 1 - Week #27
Asian Girls in Diapers - Asian diapers lovers know how to have a good time and enjoy many hours of fun playing as adultbabies in their diapers. We see them here in their own little room, wearing their diapers.

Asian Lesbian Girls Diapered - Week #28
Diapered Asian Lesbian Girls - Body painting fun by these two young and sexy girls. Watch the fun as they paint each other while wearing diapers.

Asian Schoolgirl Diapered - Week #29
Diapered Japanese Schoolgirl - Young, Sexy Japanese School Girl in and out of her school uniform but always in her diaper.

Asian SchoolGirl In Diaper - Week #30
Asian Schoolgirl In A Diaper - Watch a young Asian SchoolGirl who finishes her studies, and puts on her diaper.

Asian Schoolgirls Diapered - Week #31
Diapered Japanese Girls - Two young sexy Asian girls engaging in some serious lesbian fun. They enjoy putting on a diaper on each other and continue on their lesbian adventure.

Asian SchoolGirls - Week #32
Hot Diaper Girls - Yet another two sizzling young Asian babes. A blood boiling huge series, all hot and horny. Watch these two Asian schoolgirls enjoying each others bodies in some real lesbian action and an overdose of fun in diapers.

Asian Women in Diapers - Week #33
Asian Girls in Diapers - Asian diapers lovers know how to have a good time and enjoy many hours of fun playing as adultbabies in their diapers. We see them here in their own little room, wearing their diapers.

Change my Diaper - Week #34
Changing Diaper - He is a big adultbaby in his diaper. She is happy to play with him, feed him, and change his diaper.

Changing Adult Baby Diaper - Week #35
Girl Changing Adult Diaper - Busty AdultBaby BabySitter playing with busty adultbaby girl friend having fun playing with her and changing her diaper. She gets naughty trying out some breast feeding.

CheerLeader In Diaper - Week #36
CheerLeader Wearing a Diaper - Girl in her cheerleader uniform certainly looks hot. She loves to spread her legs wide open and stick her huge dildo in her sweet shaved pussy. She loves doing double penetration dildos. She performs all this for us, first in her pull up diaper, and then in her normal adult diaper.

Diapered Girls - Week #37
Diapered Adult Girls - Two busty Asian diaper girls, both girls are wearing diapers and are enjoying being adultbabies. They soon help each other by changing each others diaper.

Diapered Punishment - Week #38
A fun day is in the making as our adult baby girl takes off her panties and put on a diaper under her skirt. Her mummy takes her for a drive and onto public transport, with the challenge being how long she can hold on before she spoils her diaper. A long day sees lots of peeing, changing diapers in public toilets, and peeing on the seat of a taxi after all the diapers are finished.

Diapergirl - Week #39
Japanese Diapered School Girl - A short introduction to simply the most incredible adult baby girl you will ever feast your eyes on. Look for yourself and see why she is the sweetest diaper girl we know of. Girls in diapers do not come sweeter than this.

Diapergirls - Week #40
Diapered Asian School Girls - Diapered Asian schoolgirls together for an afternoon of playing adult baby girls and wearing their diapers. They are both wearing their diapers under their school uniform by the time we catch up with them, and after some fun with balloons, they prepare for a diaper change.

Girl In a Diaper - Week #41
Asian Teen Girl In Diaper - This petite, young, but busty Asian school girl is a serious diaper lover, and she's happy to take off her school uniform for us and put on her diaper. She has the most amazing, natural, firm and perky tits I have seen on a nineteen year old girl.

Girls In Diapers - Week #42
Asian Girls In Diapers - Another two Asian beauties enjoying being adultbabies and wearing their big adult diapers. When they are together and both in diapers, they really know how to enjoy themselves as you can see by the pictures and video.

Girls Wearing Diapers - Week #43
Asian Girls Wearing Diapers - Yet two more young, beautiful and busty Asian girls in diapers having fun and changing their diaper. One is the little teen babe with the dark hair. Can you believe her tits and just 18 years old. Her friend is also 18 years old and she's the blonde. Together they enjoy each others company while wearing their diapers.

Japanese Girls Diapered - Week #44
Diapered Japanese Girls - Two young sexy Asian girls engaging in some serious lesbian fun. They enjoy putting on a diaper on each other and continue on their lesbian adventure.

Japanese School Girl In Diaper - Week #45
Japanese School Girl In A Diaper - Young and Sexy SchoolGirl in her Japanese school uniform. She half undresses herself to make it easier for her to put on her diaper, and once her diaper is on and comfortable, she gets back in her full Japanese schoolgirl uniform.

Japanese Schoolgirl Diapered - Week #46
Diapered Japanese Schoolgirl - Young, Sexy Japanese School Girl in and out of her school uniform but always in her diaper.

Japanese SchoolGirls Wearing Diaper - Week #47
Japanese School Girls In Diapers - 19 yo Japanese school girl with her 18 yo girlfriend, together in a colorful and sizzling scene. Both in their diapers, they play like big babies and hen help each other change their diapers before playing further and eventually falling asleep together.

Lesbian Diaper - Week #48
AdultBabyGirl Lesbians In Diapers - A behind the scenes look of a photo shoot gone wrong when two girls want to do a photo shoot. However, the translator has not turned up to help and the photographer just can't get things happening.

School Girls In Diapers Part 1 - Week #49
Japanese School Girls In Diapers - Are these two diaper girls hot or what? Massive series in which you will see two of the cutest diaper girls on the planet having some real hot and horny diaper fun together. A blonde Asian and a classic exotic Asian in their school uniforms. Kissing, pussy licking and much more from these two lesbian girls in diapers.

School Girls In Diapers Part 2 - Week #50
Japanese School Girls In Diapers - Two of the cutest diaper girls on the planet having some real hot and horny diaper fun together. We have the blonde Asian and young exotic Asian. They take off their school uniforms, put on their diapers and get into some real lesbian action.

Schoolgirl In Her Diaper - Week #51
Japanese SchoolGirl In Her Diaper - Sexy and young Japanese schoolgirl in a small scene as she plays for the camera. She is fun to be with and very cheeky with the camera. Be sure to watch the end with some behind the scenes stuff as we follow her to the toilet.

Secretary in a Diaper - Week #52
Secretary Wearing Diaper - Office secretary who enjoys wearing her diaper under her fishnet stockings. Enjoy watching her as she takes her diaper from her diaper bag and slips on her diaper, then her stockings.