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Below are our AB/DL diaper videos released in the year 2010. One video per week means you get 52 diaper videos to choose from on this page. With a 20+ year collection for you to enjoy, you do not need to look elsewhere. We have adult baby videos from all over the world in formats that match the technology of the current year (2010). You will be overwhelmed by the endless supply of diaper girls videos and adult baby girls videos we have for you. As a member you have access to the full length versions of all diaper girl vids to download.

Diapers Girl Diapers Girl - Week #01
AB Nursery - Enjoy the colorful scenery and beautiful girls with traditional costumes. Enjoy the beauty of young schoolgirl and her mommy. Unique adult baby and diaper fun including diaper change, all in colorful traditional clothing.

Diaper Girl Diaper Girl - Week #02
Asian Diapered Teen - They don't come much sweeter than this cute girl in a diaper. Take a look for yourself at this adult baby girl and you will see that, without doubt, the most incredible diaper girl you have seen anywhere.

Adult Baby Nursing Adult Baby Nursing - Week #03
Japanese Nurse and Diapered Schoolgirl - Sexy young Asian schoolgirl is inspected by an even sexier nurse. The nurse checks her all over, dresses her in a hospital gown and puts a diaper on her. Nurse feeds her and lets her play, and later in the day, the nurse changes her diaper once again.

Sexy Diapers Girls Sexy Diapers Girls - Week #04
Exotic Asian Dancers in Diapers - These two young sexy Asians entertain us with sexy pole dancing in even sexier costumes and finish the erotic dancing by helping each other put on their diapers. This is THE MOST UNIQUE ADULT DIAPER video you will EVER SEE, with two of the MOST EXOTIC DIAPER GIRLS your eyes will ever have the pleasure of seeing.

Diaper Party Diaper Party - Week #05
Diapergirls Party - Diaper party with a difference. Watch what happens when two girls visit a girlfriend with a huge collection of clothing. All 3 girls try on unusual costumes, play games and even have a gogo dancing pole, and treat us to some gogo dancing in diapers.

Diaper Girls Wetting 4 Diaper Girls Wetting 4 - Week #06
A group of girls are given a lesson in enemas and diapering.

Japanese Lesbian School Girls Diapered Japanese Lesbian School Girls Diapered - Week #07
Japanese School Girls In Diapers - Are these two diaper girls hot or what? Massive series in which you will see two of the cutest diaper girls on the planet having some real hot and horny diaper fun together. A blonde Asian and a classic exotic Asian in their school uniforms. Kissing, pussy licking and much more from these two lesbian girls in diapers.

Lesbian Diaper Lovers Lesbian Diaper Lovers - Week #08
Lesbian Diaper Lovers - Adult Baby Girls are fully dressed and wearing diapers under their clothes. They enjoy some intimate time together before doing a diaper change on each other.

Adult Baby Nanny Adult Baby Nanny - Week #09
AdultBaby Nanny - AdultBaby Nanny with one of the cutest adultbaby girl we have seen in years. Nanny and baby girl play together having fun with balloons. Babygirl needs her diaper changed and her Nanny changes her diaper. The adult diaper is far too big for such a little babygirl like her, so she ends up with a second pull-up diaper over her adult diaper. A great bulky look and suits her well.

Spoiled 3 Spoiled 3 - Week #10
A lot of girls here, peeing their bed, walking in public with their diaper clearly showing, and three girlfriends pee together in the classroom.

My Diaper Story3 3 My Diaper Story3 3 - Week #11
A day in the life of two girlfriends wearing diapers.

My Diaper Story3 1 My Diaper Story3 1 - Week #12
A girl is given a present and when she opens it up, she finds some adult baby clothing and diapers, so she tries them on.

Girl Wetting Diapers Girl Wetting Diapers - Week #13
A lady is given a challenge. First she has to pee herself, in front of the camera, through her panty and pantyhose. She kills some time with a puzzle waiting for her bladder to give in. Later she will be diapered and while wearing her diaper, go to a shopping center. She will be doing some public flashing, flashing her diaper, with some close calls, and when she pees her diaper, have it changed in the shopping center car park.

Spoiled 2 Spoiled 2 - Week #14
After peeing herself in the classroom, 3 girls take the girl to another classroom and diaper her.

Diaper Punishment Diaper Punishment - Week #15
A girl is heavily filled with an enema and is diapered. Now it's a contest to see how long she can hold off, before filling her diaper.

Asian Diaper Girls Asian Diaper Girls - Week #16
Asian Teens In Diaper - Girls in diapers do not come better than this. An extra long video as we spend the afternoon with this girl in diaper, entering her world and not wanting to leave. We are also blessed as she does a diaper change on herself.

Diapering Diapering - Week #17
Diaper Change - She is a big adultbaby girl in her diaper. He is happy to play with her, feed her, and change her diaper.

Asian SchoolGirl Asian SchoolGirl - Week #18
Asian Schoolgirl In Diapers - Young and Sexy adultbaby School Girl comes home from school and starts to get naked, ready for her diaper. Now out of her schoolgirl uniform, she prepares herself for a fun afternoon wearing her diaper.

Diapers Lover Diapers Lover - Week #19
Diaper Lover - Girl in diaper gets extremely raunchy in her diaper. She uses her Japanese pearl bird vibrator in all ways possible. While wearing her diaper, she shoves the dildo in her pussy while stimulating her ass hole, then swaps, sticking that huge dildo in her ass while stimulating her clit.

Diaper Fun Diaper Fun - Week #20
Diapergirls Diaper Fun - Two girlfriends in authentic Thai uniforms, trimmed to the max for a sexy look. Watch them pole dancing to traditional music, and perform a diaper show, before retreating to a more comfortable place for some sexy two girl diaper action.

Diaper Girls Wetting 1 Diaper Girls Wetting 1 - Week #21
A school bus with schoolgirls and their teacher diaper each other to endure periods in between toilet stops, and they like wetting their diapers.

Diaper Change Diaper Change - Week #22
Girls Changing Diaper - Diapergirl with her babysitter and friend in an afternoon of diaper fun. Both of these Asian girls are just 19 years old and they are so cute together.

Diaper Lovers Diaper Lovers - Week #23
A couple go to a hotel room for the night to live out some of their diaper fantasies. The lady in the relationship loves to pee, and she loves to pee even more while wearing a diaper, and the longer she wears the diaper while wet, the hornier she gets, and she gets horny, so does he, and the diapers sex begins.

My Diaper Story3 2 My Diaper Story3 2 - Week #24
An adult baby girl who is happy sleeping, is having her diaper changed with some sexy cloth diapers by her mom.

Diapered Japanese SchoolGirls Diapered Japanese SchoolGirls - Week #25
Diapered Japanese School Girls - Enjoy watching these two Asian girls undressing each other, putting on their diapers, and helping each other into their school uniform. These two young Asian schoolgirls are friends both at school and out of school.

Adult Baby Mummy Adult Baby Mummy - Week #26
Adult Baby Mommy - AdultBaby girl with her babysitter. So fresh and innocent in her diaper, but this girl in diaper needs her diaper changed and her adultbaby babysitter enjoys playing with her babygirl and changing her diaper.

Asian AdultBaby Asian AdultBaby - Week #27
Asian Diapered Teen - They don't come any sweeter or more innocent then this cute girl in a diaper. Take a look for yourself at this adult baby girl and you will see that, without doubt, the most incredible diaper girl you have seen anywhere.

Diaper Bondage Diaper Bondage - Week #28
Diapered Punishment - She is babysitting her big baby girl. All goes well and she even has her diaper changed. She starts to get out of control and she spanks her and tries to discipline her.

Adult Baby Sitter Adult Baby Sitter - Week #29
Asian Adult Baby Sitter - Adultbaby babysitter with adultbaby girl who is a very naughty and cheeky baby girl in diaper. Eventually her babysitter changes her diaper and they continue having fun together.

Girl Wearing Diaper Girl Wearing Diaper - Week #30
Girl Wearing Diaper - A sweet woman in diapers enjoying herself with some adult baby fun time and does a diaper change for us before she goes back to being a big baby in diapers. The video is live footage of this photo shoot.

Asian Female Diapered Asian Female Diapered - Week #31
Japanese AdultBaby Girl - One of our hottest, sexiest and cutest Japanese babygirl. She makes herself comfortable and horny in her nursery getting ready for some age play and diaper fun. She spreads her legs for us in all positions, showing us her delicious shaved pussy and hot ass. She covers her hot petite body in baby oil and slowly rubs it all over her.

Diapered Girl Diapered Girl - Week #32
Diapered Woman - Cute Asian girl enjoys changing her wet diaper. She really does have a captivating face, and she loves wearing the extra large sized adult diapers, and even on her tiny body, she makes the diaper look perfect on her.

Asian Girls in Diapers Asian Girls in Diapers - Week #33
Asian Girls in Diapers - Asian diaper lovers having a good time and enjoying many hours of fun in diapers. In their own little room wearing their diapers, they enjoy play time. They change each others dirty diapers and eventually lay down for a rest.

Adult Baby Baby Sitter Adult Baby Baby Sitter - Week #34
Adult Baby Sitter - Adultbaby Babysitter feeds and plays with adult baby girl before changing her diaper.

Secretary In Her Diaper Secretary In Her Diaper - Week #35
Age Play Secretary In Her Diaper - Asians love to ageplay. This sexy secretary is no exception. She always wears her diaper at work, easily and discreetly. She looks so natural wearing her diaper.

AdultBaby AdultBaby - Week #36
Adultbaby Diapergirl - Diaper woman, a long time diaper lover escaping reality as she gets into infantilism in her own nursery.

Asian Secretary Diapered Asian Secretary Diapered - Week #37
Age Play Secretary In Diaper - Busty dream secretary and she looks great in her diaper. Follow her in this series as she finds her diaper bag and wants to wear her diaper. She gets her diaper from her diaper bag but decides to do a pee before she puts on her diaper.

Adultbaby Girl Adultbaby Girl - Week #38
Adult Baby Asian School Girl - Young and sexy Asian Schoolgirl is on the sofa and has already removed her panties. In a slow striptease fashion, she slips out of her schoolgirl uniform. Fully naked she rubs oil on her tight body, firm young breasts with perky nipples and shaved pussy, followed by a small amount of baby powder.

Schoolgirl Wearing Her Diaper Schoolgirl Wearing Her Diaper - Week #39
Asian SchoolGirl Wearing Her Diaper - Cute Asian lady, tight body, firm breasts, comes home after a game of tennis and gets into some adult baby fun and wearing her diaper.

Girl In Her Diaper Girl In Her Diaper - Week #40
Girl In Her Diaper - Thai woman in diapers in all her traditional Thai clothing. Get a rare glimpse of her wearing her diaper under her traditional Thai clothing going on about her daily life and then do a diaper change.

Ageplay Secretary In A Diaper Ageplay Secretary In A Diaper - Week #41
Age play Secretary In A Diaper - Asians love to ageplay. This secretary from Thailand is no exception. She always wears her diaper at work, easily and discreetly. She looks so natural wearing her diaper.

WetPantie WetPantie - Week #42
Wet Panty - Adult Baby Girl playing around in just her panties. She fucks a banana, peels it and squashes into her pussy. She takes her baby bottle full of milk and gives a good show, and her pussy a drink.

Japanese SchoolGirl In Her Diaper Japanese SchoolGirl In Her Diaper - Week #43
Japanese School Girl In Her Diaper - Very sexy Japanese Schoolgirl getting out of her school uniform and into her adult baby clothes and wearing a diaper.

Spoiled 1 Spoiled 1 - Week #44
So many girls just peeing everywhere in the classroom, sitting on their desks, in front of the classroom and more.

Diapered Maid Diapered Maid - Week #45
Ageplay Diapered Maid - How would you like this french maid wearing diapers clean your house in her diaper. If not, what are you doing here? She has a natural ability to find objects in any location and introduce them to her pussy, spread wide open. Oh yes, she looks hot in her diaper also.

Adult Baby Mistress Adult Baby Mistress - Week #46
Adultbaby Mistress - A quick clip of a lady and Mistress doing some exploring. The Mistress completely restrains the lady and makes her wear a diaper before gagging her.

Diaper Girls Diaper Girls - Week #47
Thai Diaper Lovers - One of the cutest adultbaby girl in diaper we have seen in years is having fun with a first time diaper girl and good friend, who usually plays with her as her sitter, but she has finally convinced her to wear an adult diaper with her.

Adult Baby Diaper Lover Adult Baby Diaper Lover - Week #48
Adult Baby Diaper Lover - She's blonde, she's busty, shaven pussy and loves the soft, warm feeling of wearing her diaper everywhere. You'll see her here strip from her jeans to reveal she has been wearing a diaper all day. She changes her diaper and the sexy fun continues with her girlfriend behind the camera.

Diapered Diapered - Week #49
Asian Ab SchoolGirl - Asian girl is looking ever so yummy in her school girl uniform, bunny ears and wearing her adult diaper under her school uniform. She slowly and seductively gets fully naked for us as she prepares to change her diaper. Nice indeed.

Diaper Girls Wetting 2 Diaper Girls Wetting 2 - Week #50
A group of girls in a hotel room are given lessons in diapering.

Diaper Girls Wetting 3 Diaper Girls Wetting 3 - Week #51
A school bus with schoolgirls and their teacher diaper each other to endure periods in between toilet stops, and they like wetting their diapers.

Wet Diaper1 1 Wet Diaper1 1 - Week #52
A hidden camera in a bag with a trip to the store to buy diapers, then trying them on back at home.