Video Title: My Diaper Story1 3

[ 2011 ]

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My Diaper Story1 3



An adult baby girl having a diaper change by her mommy, and being dressed in a very cute adult baby girl dress.


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My Mom Diapered Me As A Punishment When I was 8 or 9 I acted up quite a bit, my mom even started saying "well if you are going to act like a baby, you will be treated like a baby". She bought diapers, baby bottles, bibs, and even a baby pen. Every time I would act up, she would undress me, pull my panties off and put a diaper on. I had to drink out of my bottle and wear a bib when I ate, she even put me in the baby pen so I wouldnt get into any trouble. She thought it was punishment, but I really enjoyed it. I wish I had a daddy to take of me now though.