Video Title: My Diaper Story1 4

[ 2011 ]

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My Diaper Story1 4



An adult baby girl playing alone and later having a diaper change by her mommy, and being dressed in a very cute adult baby girl dress.


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Alright, so I am back on the posting wagon and things should become a little more regular around here. Expect to start seeing a few surprise changes as well. I am planning on making this blog a bit bigger and more interactive so expect to see a few changes. If some of the changes don’t work out – well let me know and we will modify or remove them depending on the issues. Anyways, so I hadn’t posted a photo in a while and figured I would post this photo of when I was about to get ready to go out for the night. That camo skirt is one of my favorite Abercrombie skirts and fits over Bambino Diapers really well so I wear it fairly often.