Video Title: My Diaper Story1 4

[ 2011 ]

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My Diaper Story1 4



An adult baby girl playing alone and later having a diaper change by her mommy, and being dressed in a very cute adult baby girl dress.


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I am 23 and an aduly baby.i have a job an apartment and a boyfriend and he knows nothing of my baby life.i became a diaper lover and baby when i was and two other girls at our parish were baptized as babies and each of us wore the white gown,bonnet,lace socks and booties.we had to wear a cloth diaper and rubber pants and tee shirt under our gowns.we were referred to as babies and treated like babies for the day.we made our first communions 6 months later and wore our diaper and rubber pants under communion dresses.i loved the feeling of being a baby and started wearing my diaper and rubberpants for other occasions.i now am a baby when i am home alone and love it.