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[ 2012 ]

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Abdl Messy



A girl in diapers is having a hard time sleeping. She eventually gets up to check her diaper, which is very wet, but she is so tired, she tries to go back to sleep with a wet diaper. Some time later she decides to get up and change her diaper so she can have a good sleep.


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I like to wear diapers I am 19 I wear them 24/7 my mom was out one day then when she came I did not hear her come in I was in my bedroom and she saw me. she now goes out and buys them for me she won't let me wear underwear any more. then ond day In was out side and the lady next store to us saw me in just my diaper I ran in the house but it was to late she caught me and changed me. then she took my picture and said that if I don't let her change me she will put it online so I let her change me she is 24 years old and I love it.

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