Video Title: Abdl Messy

[ 2012 ]

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Abdl Messy



A girl in diapers is having a hard time sleeping. She eventually gets up to check her diaper, which is very wet, but she is so tired, she tries to go back to sleep with a wet diaper. Some time later she decides to get up and change her diaper so she can have a good sleep.


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The reality is that most people in this community will start talking to a girl in the ABDL community and almost immediately start asking them for photos, videos, etc. Which, some girls don’t have problems with that and some do and the level of photo “showage” will vary between girls. Some will show their face and some will show just their lower half or whatever. But, the first thing wrong here is that guys start out with these questions first before even getting into any sort of meaningful conversation. Its almost like some men are just after photos of women in diapers just to please themselves (not all guys mind you); When most girls are just looking for conversation and true friends online.