Video Title: Chicks Wearing Diapers

[ 2012 ]

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Chicks Wearing Diapers



AdultBabyDiaperGirls - Diaper Girls in their diapers. These are two very happy adultbaby girls and have fun together being adult babies.


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Diapered I just miss the time when my roommate would come home and i would be passed out on the couch and the front of my pants would be all wet...she'd wake me up and tell me"to go to my room we need to get you in a diaper and plastic pants you big baby" and "do you need a binky to suck on too you big baby" and i would go to the bedroom she would take down my pants tell me to get on the bed raise my butt and put a nice cloth diaper under me pin the sides and pull on a cute pair of white plastic pants just like the ones Gerber makes and then put a white Nuk-5 pacifier in my mouth and treat me like a baby the rest of the night and if was the weekend i would just stay in a diaper and plastic pants and be her baby for two day.......I really miss those days of being diapered like a baby.....