Video Title: Diapergirl Being Changed

[ 2012 ]

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Diapergirl Being Changed



A hot girl in diapers is changed by her boyfriend. First he removes her panties before she is diapered with some very thick, very cute cloth diapers and an even much cuter diaper cover. She is then left to play like a big adult baby girl likes to play.


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I have long been a supporter for some sort of universal ABDL symbol being made.  There was a ‘pin’ designed a while back but it was so plain and boring.  I truly think that a creative symbol that is not blatently obvious needs to be designed so as to represent the ABDL community.  I would love to be able to spearhead this movement but I am definitely go to not only need ideas but also someone who is very experienced in graphic design.  I am descent at it (a lot better than the average Joe) but if we are going to do it I think it should be done right.  I was thinking about possibly having 2-4 designs made and then hosting a vote on my blog for which everyone thinks is the best one.  Obviously, it has to be something people aren’t going to be afraid to wear (i.e. an image of adult in a diaper lol) but it has to represent US as a community as a whole.

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