Video Title: Peeing In Diapers

[ 2012 ]

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Peeing In Diapers



A schoolgirl goes to the home of her baby sitter, and while standing inside the doorway, pisses herself. Her sitter takes her in, cleans her up and diapers her.

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When i was 14,i had a best friend who was a bedwetter and she wore cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.when she would have a slumber party,all of the girls were put into her cloth diapers and plastic pants by her mom and we all carried on like babies.there were 8 of us at one of her parties and we all were diapered the whole time.when she would sleepover at my house,she brought extra diapers and rubberpants,and my mom would put them on both of us early in the evening and we would act like babies.