Video Title: Peeing In Diapers

[ 2012 ]

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Peeing In Diapers



A schoolgirl goes to the home of her baby sitter, and while standing inside the doorway, pisses herself. Her sitter takes her in, cleans her up and diapers her.

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The crinkle? Hmmm.I definitely notice the sound as I walk, bend, sit down or stand up. I have tried the cloth-like diapers, but I do not feel as comfortable about them holding fluids as well as the non-cloth-like diapers. Also, the pull-up style diapers are convenient at home, most being made of the cloth-like stuff, but pull-ups don't work as well when using a public restroom stall because I would need to remove my pants in order to pull them on. I prefer wearing the plastic-like diapers with those sticky tabs on them as these are easier to put on while standing in a stall, the noise during changing in the stall, however, I could do without. The adjustable tabs allow me to put the diaper on tighter, thus reducing the amount of diaper movement and crinkling.