Video Title: School Girl In Diaper

[ 2012 ]

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School Girl In Diaper



A very sexy hot diaper girl in a very sexy set of diapers and diaper, is feeling so sexy in her diapers, gets horny and masturbates while wearing her diapers.

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Girl In Diaper Video

Sorry, I know random post – but I have just been reading so many posts lately on people saying how they love to sit around for hours in poopy diaper and I just can’t fathom doing that on multiple levels unless I absolutely had to. There is the obsessive cleanliness aspect to me, uncomfortable, smelly, and then the health factor that all I guess made me just want to rant about this. Maybe I can persuade some of you to maybe reduce hanging around in a messy diaper from a couple hours to maybe 30 minutes…that would be a health victory.