Video Title: School Girl In Diaper

[ 2012 ]

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School Girl In Diaper



A very sexy hot diaper girl in a very sexy set of diapers and diaper, is feeling so sexy in her diapers, gets horny and masturbates while wearing her diapers.

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I honestly can say i would never fly that flag people are worried about this one giving it away that flag of a diaper pin and a side of a diaper would give more away if you asked me. i do like your symbol i wont lie not big on the colors but at the same time i like them. same for the one shes made on here. i wouldn't mind having hers as a key chain or a sticker or something. i don't think that we have to keep it so hidden be proud of who you are. id be happy to have a symbol and hell id be happy to let the world know that i am a abdl and i am damn proud of it. its who i am and it defines me. if people don't like it to bad. doesn't mean i am going to go out and wear baby cloths or just a diaper but i wont hide who i truely am.