Video Title: Wetting Nappies

[ 2012 ]

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Wetting Nappies



A girl in a very sexy bright orange printed adult baby girl outfit is playing with her daddy. later, she is treated, or should we say, we are treated to a diaper change. You will love her baby girl outfit.


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Yesterday I was laying on the floor coloring and I felt like I had to pee but I thought it could wait because I wanted to finish the picture. All of a sudden I felt a little spurt come out and slightly wet my panties I tried to hold it but then another one came out. I decided to keep ignoring it and eventually I went ahead and wet my panties completely. Almost as soon as I was done my boyfriend came in and saw that I had wet and he said "aww, did my little girl have an accident? You know what that means, come on, lets go get a diaper on you before it happens again. I knew letting you wear big girl panties was a mistake today." So we went into the bedroom and he put a diaper on me and told me that maybe he should keep me in them (or at least have me in pull-ups) most of the time.

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