Video Title: Wetting Nappies

[ 2012 ]

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Wetting Nappies



A girl in a very sexy bright orange printed adult baby girl outfit is playing with her daddy. later, she is treated, or should we say, we are treated to a diaper change. You will love her baby girl outfit.


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I get turned on by a poopy diaper. I don't know why Adrian and others here pretend its not a sexual thing, as well, when it should be, if it isn't. How else do you deal with this other than to have fun with it? I could jump off a bridge, I suppose. And I think I would if all I was doing my entire life was managing my incontinence. How humiliating! Fess up and get real. IT's a turn on to use our diapers. pee and poop. At least for a while. I've sat in enough cold-poopy diapers to know how uncomfortable that can be, but I can usually change within an hour or two, max. And I've learned to walk pretty normally even with a huge load in my pants. and mine tend to be big loads.