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[ 2013 ]

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Hot Girl In Diaper



Diaper Girl - Diaper girl enjoying time alone being a big baby girl in her diaper.


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I wonder if anyone else wears panties over their diapers? I wear the fullest cut white nylon brief I can find, a size or two bigger, just to give the appearance of a regular pantyline for the causual observer. assuming my pants will show a pantyline. and with my big bubble-butt, they usually do. The brand I like are called Lorraine. and very hard to find these days. I can only get them online. Here's a place I get mine. they're nicely full cut in the seat and have a wonderful, 50's style, mushroom shaped rear gusset. They're also great for those times you don't want to wear a diaper. and think you can get away without messing your pants. They're full cut enough in the seat to contain any accident. even a large one. They're also quite sexy. they look and feel great!