Video Title: Diaper Girl Wearing Diapers

[ 2014 ]

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Diaper Girl Wearing Diapers



Cute adult baby girl sure is sweet as she shows off for us in her diaper and being a big adult baby girl.


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I have never once asked anyone nor forced anyone to believe what I believe. I have never forced anyone to believe that I am a girl. If you want to believe that I am a girl typing behind this computer than awesome. If you think I am a guy with some elaborate scheme to waste my life tricking the ABDL community somehow for some benefit – then fine, believe it. I can only write and share within my limits and what I am comfortable with. If you find it hard to believe certain things I say or find it “impossible” then I am OK with that. Life is just too short for me to please everyone. People are always going to be stuck in their ways and it is just a mindset you have to accept about people.