Video Title: Wears A Diaper

[ 2015 ]

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Wears A Diaper



An adult baby girl who always wears a diaper, cry's for her mum because she has wet her diaper. Mom comes and changes her wet diaper.

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Adult Baby Fetish Video

Also since diapers are always associated with babies, there will ALWAYS be bible-bumping zealot know-it-alls who will be screaming and yelling about how bad we are because we hurt children, just because we wear diapers. Even if there is no logic to the argument whatsoever. I mean, the gay community has been dealing with this VERY same issue for years and years. I have heard it over and over gay people harm children, which is so so so untrue. As a lesbian who has stood her back to the rev Fred Phelps. I can say I think what THAT makes children do is horrific and terrible. Most LGBT people, and most AB/DLs are just normal everyday people leading normal everyday lives.