Video Title: Wears Diapers

[ 2015 ]

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Wears Diapers



An adult baby girl always gets horny when she wears diapers. She however gets really horny when she wets her diaper and likes to masturbate and cum while she is wearing a wet diaper.

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Despite being in the community and all, i still find myself being sick of myself and look at the fetish/lifestyle as something creepy and weird, even having weirder and more twisted fetishes that i'll just never understand. Though it doesn't bother me, i can't help but feel that way from time to time, i just feel like quitting it altogether. seeing pictures of hairy-legged chubby men with their legs spread wide open showing a damp panty-like undergarment that apparently turns them on. Even though i feel the same way, at times, i wonder how people find wearing a diaper filled with urine and other unmentionable discharges comfortable and nostalgic in a good sense.