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[ 2015 ]

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Wears Diapers



An adult baby girl always gets horny when she wears diapers. She however gets really horny when she wets her diaper and likes to masturbate and cum while she is wearing a wet diaper.

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Diaper Girls Video

I just came back from Virginia Beach and I am incontinent. We visited for three days and two nights and had a blast. I am 24/7 so I had diapers of course. When at the beach, I wore disposable diapers under my trunks and mostly went in the water up to the diaper area and no further the first day. I would get splashed to cool down and hung out on the sand. I have worn diapers in the water many times but you have to be careful, they can get heavy and fall off. If your swim trunks have the mesh, you should be OK as it will hold up your diapers. I went in the water day two diapers and all, they do swell up but worked out great. The only problem I had was the top of my trunks kept sliding down making my diapers show. I know others saw I am in diapers but I don't care cuz I can't help it.