Video Title: Wet Diaper

[ 2015 ]

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Wet Diaper



An adult baby girl ready for bed has put on her adult baby clothing, and while putting on her cloth diapers, she dreams about the moment that she will wet her diaper.

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Adult Baby Sex Video

A diaper lover can be your best friend, a coworker, a boss, governor, doctor, attorney, etc. You would just never know it because diaper lovers are typically more discreet than an adult baby. What if you found out your best friend of 20 years wore diapers? Would you automatically classify him as a freak or would you be a lot more understanding an it not be as big of a deal? Well, that is how the average diaper lover wants to be looked at from an understanding perspective – they want you to understand them the same way you would if you found out a best friend wore diapers – more respect, more understanding, and more care rather than automatic judgments.