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[ 2015 ]

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Wet Diaper



An adult baby girl ready for bed has put on her adult baby clothing, and while putting on her cloth diapers, she dreams about the moment that she will wet her diaper.

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Women In Diapers Video

I am off to run some errands today and get some stuff for our new place – still decorating if you know what I mean. We are trying to find a decent looking couch instead of this hideous brown one we have now. Working on a pretty tight budget so hopefully we can find something in our price range and that is not hideous. We really want an L-Shaped couch but the likelihood of finding an L-Shaped couch in a decent color in our price range is not too likely. But, I am off to change my diaper real quick and then I am out the door to start my long day of errands…I hope everyone has a good Friday and is looking forward to the weekend!

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