Video Title: Wet Diaper

[ 2016 ]

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Wet Diaper



A sleep over and pajama party by three girls turns into a wet evening as each girl wets themselves, peeing their panty, their pajamas and wetting on the floor everywhere.


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Girl In Diaper Video

One of the most important factors I take into consideration when buying adult diapers is how they perform when it comes to chafing. No matter how absorbent or cute or whatever the diaper is, if it is going to cause chafing then I am most likely not going to use it. I am a very active person and I cannot afford to have chaff problems on my crotch and butt area all the time. Most diapers do OK with not chafing until they are wet. Wet diapers are the epitome of causing chafing problems because that added moisture against your skin plus the continual rubbing of plastic or cloth will cause chafing. So, below are some of my “facts” and tips that I have developed to get a diaper that does not chaff (as much).