Video Title: Wet Diaper

[ 2016 ]

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Wet Diaper



A sleep over and pajama party by three girls turns into a wet evening as each girl wets themselves, peeing their panty, their pajamas and wetting on the floor everywhere.


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I recently gave into my urge of wearing a diaper and bought my first pack of adult diapers. when I wet in them for the first time I leaked. To correct the problem, I bought a pack of size 5 pampers and used them as a booster inside the adult diaper. This works well and I had no leaks!!!! Also, I have giggle incontinence and leak small amounts of urine when I laugh, cough or sneeze I don't really need to wear a adult diaper to help this problem, but am now thinking that a small pamper inside my underwear would help me have less accidents in public.