Video Title: Adult Baby Sitters

[ 2018 ]

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Adult Baby Sitters


Asian diapered girl TukTaan with her friend TIP who is playing mummy. TukTaan is young, busty and full of fun as she really enjoys wearing her diaper and playing adult baby girl, more so when she can have a girlfriend play with her. Tip, her friend, plays and feeds her, removes her dirty diaper, cleans her adult baby girl and replaces the dirty diaper with a fresh, clean new adult diaper.


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Tip recently posted:

So, you know the chances of you actually spotting a diapered person are quite high when you break it down. Just think about this, when you go to the mall next time on a Friday or Saturday night…I can assure you that statistics show that AT LEAST 1 other person in that mall is wearing an adult diaper…and thats at the least. I may not have some huge calculation to prove it but I can almost assure you that this is the case from what I have seen in the real world and online.