Video Title: Changing Adult Baby

[ 2018 ]

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Changing Adult Baby


Adult baby girl TING with her friend NEE playing adult baby babysitter. These two diaper girls are not just friends, they are very close friends, and TING seems to have a problem keeping her hands off her sitter. They play together and the adultbaby girl gets fed some noodles and then has her diaper changed. Now wearing her diaper and her tummy full, they play a little more before calling it a day.


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Nee recently posted:

Mention of plastic pants reminds me that it would be very helpful if you, as a diaper pro, could explain when you find it desirable to wear plastic pants. I always wear them when I expect to seriously wet my diapers but they are hot and uncomfortable. I much prefer to wear the diaper without the plastic pants but am afraid to wet them in public, principaly because of odour issues.