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[ 2018 ]

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Yet another young and sexy Asian school girl. NONG has a captivating smile, nice firm breasts with hard perky nipples and a firm body. Nong is looking sexy in her schoolgirl uniform as she rolls around on the bed exposing her perfectly shaped ass. She slowly takes her shirt off exposing her perfectly shaped breasts that go with her perfect ass. As she continues to finally get fully naked, and your heart has not stopped from her beauty, she oils her entire body up and just drives us crazy. She eventually puts on a fresh clean adult diaper and her school uniform to show us just how sexy this Asian school girl looks wearing her diaper.


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Nong recently posted:

Exercise is an important part of maintaining good physical and mental health. For people with incontinence or that wear diapers for any other purpose should be able to exercise while still wearing protection. I am a big supporter of exercise and I exercise constantly. For me, I have successfully been able to find intuitive ways of exercising whether it is running, biking, yoga, or any other exercise while wearing diapers. I will share my tips and the ways I go about wearing diapers while exercising.