Video Title: DiapersGirls

[ 2018 ]

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A behind the scenes look of a photo shoot gone wrong. GIP with her friend NANG want to do a photo shoot. However, the translator has not turned up to help and the photographer just can't get things happening. NANG speaks no English, and GIP enjoys watching herself in the mirror, and her english consists of the word pussy. All she does is keep asking the photographer if he can see her pussy. Interesting to know that in Asia, diapers are all known as pampers.


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Gip recently posted:

Capacity is not a problem because I lose the most fluid through sweat. The running shorts have a built-in liner that supports the diaper and the outside legs discretely hide it. Even on a two hour run and peeing twice, the diaper is no where near being full. Moreover, my shorts are so soaked with sweat that no one would know if I leaked.